Yellow Diamonds - Engagement Rings That Stand Out - $2,500 and up. January 5, 2018 12:17

We are very excited at the opportunity we have to offer some of the most stunning engagement rings to you. We have relationships with two vendors - one in Chicago and one in New York - that provide us access to some fantastic yellow diamond jewelry - including engagement rings.

It started when we shared this fantastic value with our Facebook friends - a 2 ct natural yellow and look at the price:

Gorgeous natural yellow diamonds from Chimera Design

Later the same day a lady came in who was hunting for a yellow diamond engagement ring for her future brother in law. She had been to several places in the area, none of which had yellow diamonds nor were they interested in helping her get on. Cliff got on the case! Within 24 hours we had the stone pictured above along with two mounted yellow diamonds for her to consider.

This was one of the rings - the pictures cannot capture the massive sparkle from this one:2.32 ct Fancy Yellow Diamond with .75 ctw of white accent diamonds

We also had this ring sent in - which she and her future brother in law loved. It features a 1.50 ct fancy yellow center diamond with .35 ctw of accent diamonds in 18kt white gold setting. The price - only $7,800.00

1.50 ct fancy yellow diamond surrounded by .35 ctw in white accent diamonds

Once we had some YELLOW DIAMONDS in the house, we realized that people LOVE them. The reaction was great - we had a lot of fun showing people the loose 2 ct and the wonderful ring with the 2.32 ct center.

Here are some other examples of yellow diamonds from our friend in Chicago:

1.01 carat Fancy Yellow Diamond engagement ring from Chimera Design

2.11 ctw Fancy Yellow Diamond Earrings at Chimera Design

Cliff was really excited about all the response he was getting from people about Fancy Yellow Diamonds. When he mentioned it to another diamond supplier he has know for years, Jason, who works out of New York, immediately sent over this picture of some of his fancy yellow engagement rings:

Look at this assortment of fancy yellow diamond engagement rings.

If you want an engagement ring that stands out from the crowd - maybe you should consider Fancy Yellow diamonds. Prices on Fancy Yellows start at $2,500.

Give Cliff a call - 616-897-9480.