Loving Embrace Curved Wedding Bands At Chimera Design


We are very happy to offer you the Loving Embrace line of Curved Wedding Bands. Many engagement rings require a wedding band with some degree of curve in the band to allow the two rings to fit nicely on your finger. 


While it it certainly possible to custom make such a band, custom design and manufacture can be a long and expensive process. And it almost always involves being without your engagement ring while a wax model is made to fit around the ring properly. The Loving Embrace bands (we have a total of 30 different styles) makes life much easier. Here is a quick video overview of how it works:
The Loving Embrace system 
The Loving Embrace system at Chimera Design
  • 30 different ring styles to choose from
  • 12 different curve or no curve at all
  • Your choice of White, Rose, or Yellow Gold
  • Your choice of 10kt, 14kt, or 18kt in all three metals
  • Available in Platinum & Palladium as well
  • Available with natural or lab grown diamonds
  • 4 styles with no diamonds 26 styles with diamonds
As you can see, the flexibility of the Loving Embrace system is almost endless and can work with almost every budget. You can have a contoured band made to fit your ring in 10kt gold with no diamonds or have one LOADED with diamonds in 18kt white, rose, or yellow gold.
FYI - we have had many customers who put a curved band on each side of their engagement ring! We love it when that happens.
Keep scrolling down to take a look at the variety of curved Loving Embrace wedding bands you can choose from at Chimera Design. You will notice that the examples have prices listed with "From" or with a price range. That is to reflect the flexibility of using materials ranging from 10kt gold and lab grown diamonds to the upper end of platinum or 18kt gold set with natural, mined diamonds. The possibilities are there so we can match your engagement ring in every way.
Scroll down to see all the possibilities