Chimera Design has natural fancy yellow diamond rings. May 26, 2023 16:49

The Gemological Institute of America is the world's foremost authority on diamonds. GIA invented the Diamond Grading System after WWII when diamonds began to be available to regular people as a way of standardizing the language used to value diamonds across the US and around the world. Cliff earned his Diamonds Graduate diploma from GIA in 1998. :-)
The Four C's that GIA came up with are Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat Weight. If you are familiar with the Color scale, you know that diamonds at the top of the scale (D,E,F) are considered colorless and are generally speaking more expensive than those further down the color scale. That is the case UNTIL you go far enough down the color scaled to get into fancy colors and then the price jumps up. The reason for this - it is all about rarity. Natural, fancy color diamonds make up less than .01% of all the diamonds mined from the earth. The come in red, pink, blue, orange, green, and yellow.
Of all the natural, fancy color diamonds yellow are the most affordable. (FYI - red and blue diamonds command insane prices!) Our favorite diamond supplier, Jason, has his office in the New York diamond district and he keeps a nice supply of natural fancy colored diamonds on hand.
Chimera Design is pleased to offer natural fancy yellow diamond rings to West Michigan. Every one of them comes with a Diamond Report from GIA that assures you that what you are purchasing is a natural fancy color diamond - the rarest of the rare.
Natural fancy yellow diamonds available at Chimera Design in Lowell.
The reason we mention the GIA documentation on our fancy yellows is because lab grown diamonds can be treated to turn colors. In fact, High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) treatments can also be used to turn white mined diamonds various colors as well. Reputable diamond sellers will inform you of the source of any colored diamonds they sell. We consider ourselves very reputable.
No other yellow gemstone can match the fire and sparkle of a yellow diamond. We really enjoy our relationship with Jason and our ability to offer natural fancy yellow diamond rings in our little shop.
Another natural fancy yellow diamond ring from Chimera Design.
Here are four examples of natural yellow diamonds that we have in our case. We would love it if you stopped in to see them in person - they are amazing.
Stop in Chimera Design to see natural fancy yellow diamond rings.

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Diamonds grown in laboratories offer the beauty and durability of mined diamonds at a fraction of the price.

Jewelry Appraisals From A GIA DIamonds Graduate March 3, 2016 13:15

We ALWAYS recommend that people insure their engagement, wedding, or partnership rings. There are two reasons we do this - first, generally these rings are worn 24/7/365 and weird things can happen. Secondly, having all risk coverage on your jewelry is not very expensive. It Michigan most insurance companies charge somewhere between $10 to $15 per thousand dollars of value to insure it against loss, theft and even damage. So it would cost $40 to $60 per year to have a $4,000 ring insured.

Speaking of costs - many area jewelry stores charge $150 to $250 to appraise ONE piece of jewelry. We just had a lady in and she told Cliff that the chain store where her husband bought her wedding set wanted to charge $300 for an appraisal on the two pieces.

Here at Chimera we charge $75 for the first piece and $45 for each piece after that. 

$75 Appraisals From GIA Diamonds Graduate Cliff Yankovich

Cliff earned his Diamonds Graduate certification from the Gemological Institute of America in 1998 and he is celebrating his 20th year in the jewelry business this year.

If your appraisal needs to be updated, most insurance companies want them to be less than 5-7 years old - stop in and Cliff was get you all squared away for a lot less money than the mall stores.