Naughty Cat Earrings Help Real Cats

Sterling Silver Naughty Cat Earrings from Chimera Design in Lowell.

Sterling Silver Naughty Cat

earrings are now available at

Chimera Design in Lowell.

Sterling Silver Naughty Cat earrings come with your choice of birthstone color eyes.

Naughty Cats want to help the real cats at the Ionia County Animal Shelter. Here is an example of the coolio Naughty Cat earrings set with July birthstone color (red for ruby). They are sterling silver and you can get them set with any birthstone color for the eyes - light or dark blue, light or dark green, golden, white, purple, or pink. (The most popular color so far has been emerald green.)

Naughty Cat Earrings in Sterling Silver at Chimera Design in Lowell

A customer of ours, Carly, is the Director at the Ionia County Animal Shelter (ICAS). They have been over run with cats this year. We decided that we would help out with food and supplies - so, for every pair of Naughty Cat earrings we sell, we will donate $20 to the ICAS.

Purchase Naughty Cat Earrings and Chimera Design will donate $20 to ICAS

If you would like to order a pair, please call Cliff at the store: 616-897-9480. We can ship them anywhere in the US via the US Postal Service for $15.00 insured.

Naughty Cat earrings with green eyes are our best seller.

Naughty Cats helping real cats - it is a thing!