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New Solitaire Mounting for .50 ct, .75 ct. and 1.00 ct Round Diamonds October 21, 2015 14:33

We just received a catalog with some new jewelry from one of our favorite vendors - Stuller in Louisiana. (They are the same ones we work with in providing our Online Jewelry Design App. Try it - it is a blast.)

This one caught our eye. Simple and elegant - the prongs holding the round brilliant cut diamond flow out of the shank of the ring. This setting is available for .50 ct, .75 ct, and 1.00 ct round diamonds in your choice of 14kt white or yellow gold, as well as platinum. 

As you can see from the pictures, there is a nice matching band available as well.

New solitaire mounting at Chimera Design.
Solitaire for .50 ct, .75 ct or 1.00 ct at Chimera Design

Engagement Rings V3 - Some of our great vendors September 23, 2015 12:50

We have a variety of ways we can provide you with an engagement ring or other piece of jewelry. We have shared examples of our online design at The Chimera Design Showcase, we have discussed our CAD/CAM and lost wax casting process in our blog.

We also have a great relationship with some vendors that we have gotten to know and trust over the years. We would like to show you some examples of the kind of rings they can provide.

Jose and Janine are VERY active people. Jose found a lovely diamond in our Estate section and he wanted a vintage look for Janine. He loved this setting because of the classic styling combined with the protective element of the cathedral setting (the ring comes up to the side of the diamond). We made the diamond even more secure by setting it in a half-bezel.



Justin inherited a diamond from his father's aunt. He wanted a simple, elegant setting. He and Cliff looked for something until he settled on this one - he decided to step out and have the ring cast in rose gold to make it stand out. We set the diamond in a 6 prong head.

Lori wanted to celebrate her marriage to David by setting her diamond into a new ring with that had some delicate accent diamonds. She also enhanced her marquise diamond by having us remount it into a halo head.

Jessica celebrated her 2nd decade with Scott by setting her diamond into a much more contemporary setting than he had previously. Their new ring is two tone and incorporates a half-bezel setting for their diamond.

Quinn picked out one of our Ideal Cut round half carats (VS2 I-J color for $1,400 to $1,700) cut by our friend Michael in New Jersey. The he had us set it in a halo-head.

Here are some more examples of engagement rings from our vendors.
Cliff welcomes the opportunity to help you find the perfect ring
to express your love and commitment. 


Engagement Rings V1 - Design Online September 23, 2015 10:20

This is the first of FOUR ways we offer engagement rings (and other jewelry) to YOU. We have a Showcase App that will let you try hundreds of configurations from your phone, laptop, or PC. Not only will you get instant images to see the changes you make, you also get real time estimates for what it will cost.

Above are 5 completely different designs Cliff did on the Chimera Showcase.


Simply click on the link here, then choose "Flexible Designs" and give it a try. It is FREE and you can try out all kinds of combinations with no risk or obligation. If you settle on a design you love, click "Add To Quote" and Cliff will contact you with a solid estimate on the price for your creation.

Click Here: Chimera Showcase.

Here are some examples of rings design by our customers using this app. The image on the left is taken from the Chimera Showcase and on the right is the actual finished ring.

First, is a 14kt white gold ring we made with Deb. She had inherited two diamonds from her mom and wanted to have a ring to remember her with. She wanted her birthstone (May - emerald) in the center of the ring. She considered several different shapes for the center, before settling on a round slightly larger than the two diamonds. 




Next is a ring for Will and Allyson. Allyson is concerned about the environment and wanted to use only lab created gems. So we used Moissanite for the accent stones - Moissanite is a lab grown substitute for diamonds - combined with a lab created sapphire in the center. We started with a round center, but ended up with the oval shape lab sapphire you see on the right.



Just so you know the Chimera Showcase is NOT just for the ladies, here is a ring designed for Frank using the app. He wanted a modern, updated version of yellow gold and black onyx - a classic combination for men. 


As you can see - there are almost limitless possibilities for YOU to create your dream engagement ring with the Chimera Showcase app.

Click and design!

You Can Create Jewelry Online at The Chimera Showcase August 12, 2015 10:50

We are very excited about our new online Chimera Showcase - you can design jewelry, insert various size, color, and shape gemstones and diamonds into YOUR choice of metals. Not only will you get instant visualization of your creation, but you will also have an estimated price that will change when you make changes in the piece, (e.g. from 10kt to 14kt gold or by substituting one gem for another).
This is some of the most fun you can have with jewelry online - we guarantee it.
Deb came in with a couple of diamonds and the desire to make a ring with them that would also incorporate her birthstone - Emerald. We went to the Chimera Showcase and looked around. She loved the contemporary look of the half bezel settings in this ring. We tried several shapes for the center lab-created emerald (Princess cut above), and she settled on a round one that would be slightly larger than her two diamonds - the diamonds are 5mm and the emerald is 6mm.
Once Deb settled on a design, we secured a price and placed the order. Her custom-designed ring was delivered about 10 days later for her to inspect before we set the gems. One great aspect - the jewelry from our Showcase is ALL made in the US - by our friends at Stuller in Louisiana. 
To give you an idea of how accurate the computer images are, here is a picture of the finished ring with the 6mm center and Deb's diamonds. We LOVE technology!
One more thing about our Showcase - Don't worry, we are not trying to lure you into designing a $10,000 piece and then buying it! You CANNOT purchase your design directly from the website.
What you can do is save the final design(s) you like and then Cliff will be notified and contact you with an accurate price quote - how cool is that? 
Please follow this link to our Online Chimera Showcase and have some fun designing rings, pendants, or earrings with the easy-to-use software. If you end up with a design you really love, save it and Cliff will contact you with a quote. Easy peasy!