Engagement Rings - Custom/Unique

There are people who take comfort in having a ring just like so-and-so. There are lots of jewelry stores where you can get rings like that.

We like things out of the ordinary and we LOVE to custom make rings and other jewelry that you help us design. We are now available to meet with you before the store opens by appointment. That way we can concentrate all of our attention on you and what you would like to do. Call us at 616-897-9480 to schedule a time to get together.

Here is a short video look at a few of the custom pieces we have made in the last 18 months or so. Many of them were made using inherited or family diamonds, gems, and gold. 

Here are some non moving examples of jewelry we have made for people. 
Natural Blue Zircon Engagement Ring

It can be something as simple as using a gemstone that is out of the ordinary like the natural blue zircon in the vintage style ring above. 

We have an excellent source for GIA certified natural fancy yellow diamonds (other colors, too).

 Certified Natural Yellow Diamonds at Chimera Design






Peter & Abi wanted to incorporate the symbol for. Infinity into their engagement ring. 

Custom Rose Gold Engagement Ring Incorporating The Infinity Symbol

Katherine LOVES lotus blossoms. Her favorite piece of jewelry (until this ring) was a lotus blossom pendant Sam bought for her.

Sam loves Katherine, so he had us feature a lotus blossom in the gallery of the ring he presented when he proposed.

Custom Engagement Ring With A Lotus Blossom Under The Diamond

We also love making engagement rings with colored gemstones or colored diamonds.

Chocolate Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring below was one of the BEST things that happened in 2020 - we got to duplicate a ring with HUGE sentimental value that was actually breaking apart. We used the damaged ring as a model to recast a rose gold engagement ring built to last with family heirloom diamonds. 

We recreated a broken costume ring into a rose gold and diamond engagement ring. 

Here is a very unique wedding ring we made for a couple using their birthstones and a drawing he brought in. We recreated his artwork in the band of the ring.

The sketch shows his conception of the top and bottom of the ring. 

Hand Drawn Sketch For Engagement Ring


Finished Custom Engagement Ring


Custom Engagement Ring - Bottom View

Bottom - with a flush set diamond.

Below are a series of pictures with the intention of showing you the custom design process. Many times it starts with a sketch, then it moves to CAD (Computer Aided Design) layouts.

Once the CAD design is approved, a wax model of the piece of jewelry is made. Then the jewelry is cast in what ever precious metal is chosen, the gemstones are set and Bingo! - a one of a kind piece of jewelry is complete.

Nick inherited a total of 16 diamonds in three different rings. He wanted all of them in one setting. 

Custom Jewelry Creation at Chimera Design In Lowell, Michigan

Patti wanted to remember her husband with three diamonds from his ring accented with sapphires, his birthstone.

First a sketch, the CAD Images and finally a finished custom made ring

Brian wanted a statement piece to celebrate an important birthday of his wife. We started with four sketches, he picked one and .......

One of a kind custom made pendant with blue and white diamonds

Emily tells the story of how we took baguettes from her Grandmother's ring and Sam worked with us and designed a ring incorporating them. She said people cry when they see the ring and hear the story!

Chimera Design creates custom jewelry from sketch to CAD to DONE!

 This ring has HISTORY - diamonds from a great-grand mother, a grandmother and a mom all went into it. (The big one in the middle is from great grandmother, cutting technology has come a long way!)

The memories of inherited diamonds combined into a new, custom ring at Chimera Design.  

We hope these pictures have given you some ideas on creating a memorable piece of jewelry for you or a loved one. Have an idea? Seen something you like, but want to put a personal twist on it? Come on in - we would love to design and build some custom jewelry for you.

Custom is not limited to rings. We recently designed and made a 14 kt white gold cross, set with a lab grown diamond accented with lab grown rubies.

Sketch of Custom White Gold Cross With Rubies & Diamond

  14kt White Gold Finished Cross


Mary Beth inherited some jewelry and wanted to incorporate the diamonds, rubies and pearl into one unique pendant with a nature inspired leaf theme. We used white and rose gold to create this for her. 

14 Kt White & Rose Gold Custom Pendant With Pearl and Rubies


Kyle came into the store with a unique vision for a wedding set. He wanted a two piece set that would resemble his sweetheart's calico cat sleeping. Sure, we can make that happen. We used white and black diamonds along with two colors of garnet to create the cat. Some yellow gold pen plating made the stripes.

Custom Calico Cat wedding set with diamonds and garnets.

Speaking of cats - Al wanted a ring made like a cat, but he wanted a BIG cat. Can you guess that he is a lifelong fan of the Detroit Tigers? We put the birthstones of Al's four children in the ears and eyes and made stripes of diamonds. 

Custom 14kt Gold 3D Tiger Ring with Diamonds