Cats Helping Cats - We want to help the Ionia County Animal Shelter July 11, 2023 15:54

Carly Horan is a customer of our. She is the director of the Ionia Country Animal Shelter. Recently she posted that the Shelter was over loaded with cats. They have taken in over 500 since the first of this year and had 187 in the shelter when she posted the information. We had an idea to utilize the Naughty Cat earrings to help the cats at the ICAS. For every pair that we sell, we will donate $20 for cat food and supplies at the ICAS. Win-win! 


Naughty Cat Earrings at Chimera Design


Naughty Cats are brand new to the market. When we saw them a couple of months ago, we had to have them in the store.

You can order them with any color birthstone in the eyes and not only will you have a cool pair of cat earrings, you will help feed some cats waiting for a new home at the ICAS. 

If you would like to order a pair, call Cliff at 616-897-9480 and tell him what color eyes you want to have and we will get them for you.

Naughty Cat Earrings at Chimera Design raise funds for Shelter cats.