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Allison-Kaufman Fine Jewelry

One of our favorite vendors for high quality diamond and gemstone jewelry is Allison-Kaufman. We recently renewed our relationship with them and brought in a nice selection of their jewelry - here are some examples:

1.10 ct D VS1 Lab Created Diamond in an Allison-Kaufman ring with sapphires


We love the Everyday Sparkle of this pendant and chain combination. It features .50 ctw of natural, white diamonds mounted in 14kt white gold on an 18 inch 14kt white gold chain. N8277 $1,770.00 

Ruby and Diamond Pendant from Allison-Kaufman at Chimera Design


We love this diamond pendant. The five white, natural diamonds are set in 14kt white gold bezels on a 14kt white gold chain that adjusts to 16, 17, or 18 inches in length.

You can click this link to take a look at the entire selection of Allison-Kaufman fine jewelry: Click here for Allison-Kaufman.

One more beautiful piece from Allison Kaufman. The N8247 features .63 ctw of natural blue sapphires accented with .07 ctw of natural white diamonds set in 14kt white gold on an 18 inch white gold chain. $1,972.00

Our Friends in Louisiana: Stuller, Incorporated

We have had a relationship with Stuller in Lafayette, LA since before we opened our doors in November 2002. Not only do they supply us with most of the pieces and parts we use in the shop to create and repair jewelry, but over the years their selection of finished jewelry has grown like CRAZY.

Several years ago, we linked our website to their inventory. There will be a link to everything they offer at the bottom of the page.

What we want to do here is highlight some of the most popular sections of their jewelry and provide links to them.

Click Here For Flexible Engagement Ring Designs

Click Here To Design Engagement Rings 

Stuller makes shopping for wedding bands too easy - pick your style in your size, how wide you want the ring and what you want it to be made of. BINGO!

Wedding Band Builder


Click Here To Design Your Wedding Band

Personalized jewelry is an opportunity to celebrate loved ones, family members or even YOURSELF. The technology to customize jewelry just for you has moved ahead with lightning speed.

Personalized Jewelry In Sterling Silver and Karat Gold

Click Here For Personalized Jewelry

Lab Grown Diamonds are taking the jewelry industry by storm. We have a nice selection of jewelry made with Lab Grown Diamonds for you to choose from.

If you want to learn more CLICK TO LEARN ABOUT LAB DIAMONDS

Lab Grown Diamonds Are 100% Carbon

Click Here For Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry

Jewelry is a fantastic way to honor our family. We are offer a wide variety of rings, pendants, bracelets with the purpose of bringing a focus to family. 

Family Jewelry In Sterling Silver and Karat Gold From Chimera Design

Click Here To Shop For Family Jewelry 

We LOVE gemstones - all of the colors and cuts that are available provide and endless palette to create memorable jewelry.

Stuller has gathered some of the most outstanding loose gemstones from every corner in the world and offers them to you in their Notable Gems Collection. These are the cream of the crop! If you are interested in one or more of them, let Cliff know and we can get it flown here for you to inspect in person before you purchase. Also, we can usually offer you better pricing - these prices are set for big stores with big overhead - if you see something, give Cliff the number of the gem and let him see what kind of price he can get for you.

Notable Gems From Chimera Design & Stuller

Click Here To See The Notable Gems Collection

Okay, we promised you at the top of the page that we would provide a link to everything Stuller has to offer. Get your self a comfortable seat, a snack and a beverage and go wild!

Click Here To See Everything They Have!