We Can Help You With Inherited Jewelry February 20, 2019 15:44

About once a week we have someone come in with a selection of jewelry from a family member who has passed. Most people have no idea what is real or fake - they are not sure if those earrings Aunt Susie always wore are real diamonds or not.

We are here to help. 

The first thing we tell anyone who inherits jewelry - be it a little or a lot - DO NOT TOSS ANYTHING OUT! We have seen too many instances where people mistake the real thing for costume jewelry (and vice versa).

We have 20 years experience in the jewelry business and we also have test equipment that helps us find the gold and diamonds in the midst of costume jewelry.

So - what does this help cost? Well, if you will allow us to buy the silver and gold, we don't charge you to look for it. If you just need a general evaluation and to separate out the fine jewelry from the rest, we work on an hourly basis (Cliff is pretty darn fast at this, too) $40 an hour.

If we find some really nice pieces, we can sell them for you on consignment here in our store OR we have a network of people we work with in NYC, Chicago, Dallas, and LA who buy big, estate pieces. We have been able to help people realize more money in their pockets by networking.

Don't toss it out - bring it in to Chimera!