We can modify this ring for YOUR diamond. January 13, 2016 11:35

We had a tremendous response to this ring when we posted it on our Facebook page. It was in our Estate case. We had actually made the ring originally several years ago.

We had four people who wanted to buy it. 

Vintage style ring

With the fourth lady who came in, we explored the possibility of making the ring
for her and setting her 9x5mm marquise diamond in it.
No problem - we can do that.
Here is a CAD image of the actual ring with the marquise cut diamond "installed" in the ring. As you can imagine, we could modify the ring to accept almost any shape or size diamond - in other words - we can set YOUR diamond in this ring if you want. The ring is 8mm wide and has 14 accent diamonds that are .80 mm each. 

Same vintage ring with a CAD installed 5x9mm Marquise diamond.


We can also make the ring in your choice of metal -

yellow gold, rose gold, white gold

put us to work!

(Personally, I think this would look tremendous in rose gold.)

Here is an idea of what it might look like in rose. My CAD program changed all the

surrounding space to rose color, but this is an idea:

Cool vintage ring - what it might look like in rose gold.

From a sketch to a ring - we can do that! December 3, 2015 16:56

Chris had taken his drawing into a big box store - not only was our price lower, we completed the ring for him in a little over 4 weeks. They told him it would be three months to get it done. Less $$ and faster service at Chimera Design!

Diamonds in Motion - they move with your heartbeat! November 3, 2015 17:20

We have the most fun with Diamonds in Motion - we get them from our friends at Ostbye in Minnesota.

Take a look at this brief video - look how the diamond is constantly in motion thanks to the genius mounting system. The diamond is secured with 4 prongs - it is not going anywhere, but the use of the intersecting rings have such a small point of contact that the diamond moves with your pulse! 

Prices for a .10 ct diamond in a sterling silver pendant start around $250.

Colored diamonds without the million dollar price tag! October 27, 2015 14:49

A big pink diamond is coming up for auction - it is expected to sell for 15 million or more. That is great - if your bank account can handle it.

If you WANT the coolness of colored diamonds without a movie star budget, we have some beautiful examples from Lotus Color in NYC. You can learn about how Lotus uses heat and radiation to turn natural diamonds a host of colors here: Learn About Colored Diamonds.

Lotus has the process down to an art form. Look at the bright, lovely colors in these pictures. These are all colored diamonds from Lotus. The colors will not fade and because they are natural diamonds, they return light and sparkle like no other gem on earth. (They only ones you have to be really careful with are the pink ones.)

Colored diamonds at Chimera Design


Lotus colored diamonds at Chimera Design


If you like stud earrings and you already own some white diamond studs, how about your color up your life with some colored diamond studs? We have three colors in stock at a fantastic price - they are 1/2 carat total (.48ctw, .49 ctw, and .50 ctw) your choice of yellow, blue, or green color enhanced natural diamonds for only $685.00.

Colored diamond studs at Chimera Design

New Solitaire Mounting for .50 ct, .75 ct. and 1.00 ct Round Diamonds October 21, 2015 14:33

We just received a catalog with some new jewelry from one of our favorite vendors - Stuller in Louisiana. (They are the same ones we work with in providing our Online Jewelry Design App. Try it - it is a blast.)

This one caught our eye. Simple and elegant - the prongs holding the round brilliant cut diamond flow out of the shank of the ring. This setting is available for .50 ct, .75 ct, and 1.00 ct round diamonds in your choice of 14kt white or yellow gold, as well as platinum. 

As you can see from the pictures, there is a nice matching band available as well.

New solitaire mounting at Chimera Design.
Solitaire for .50 ct, .75 ct or 1.00 ct at Chimera Design

Strellman's Jewelry Has Arrived at Chimera Design October 7, 2015 14:04

Today is a great day at Chimera - our box of Strellman's jewelry arrived. Being the impatient guy he is, Cliff had to jump in and get the selection of sterling rings set with all twelve of the glorious colors Strellman's uses in their signature Lighthouse Lens cut. From the dramatic black onyx to the exotic hue of padparadschah sapphire - we have a ring in every color!

Next, he will be unpacking and pricing some great looking pieces in 14kt gold as well as combinations of sterling and 18kt yellow gold - Stay tuned for MORE Strellman's jewelry at Chimera Design.







If you are so inclined, you are welcome to shop our selection of Strellman's in our online store. Just put your cursor over the "Catalog" on our home page and scroll down to the "Strellman's Jewelry" link to click and buy.

Tungsten Bands - Made in the USA $69 with a Lifetime Warranty October 2, 2015 13:44

$69 Tungsten Bands at Chimera Design

We are really excited about our line of tungsten bands. 

  • Made in the United States.
  • $69.00
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • If it cracks, breaks or chips (or even if you gain/lose weight and you need a different size), you get a new ring for $15!
  • Did we mention they are $69.00?
  • We even have Tungsten Camo rings.
Tungsten Camo Rings $69 at Chimera Design
We have many styles and sizes that you can click and buy on our Tungsten Ring Page, but you can take a look at all the models available as well as check the sizes they are available (from as small as 4mm wide size 5 to size 15 8mm wide) by clicking this link:
If you see a style you like, then shoot Cliff and email with the Model number and the size you need and he will get it for you PRONTO!