From a sketch to a ring - we can do that! December 3, 2015 16:56

Chris came in with a sketch of a ring he was interested in having made. It was based around a design concept incorporating the Crown of Thorns. He wanted three birthstones on the top with a small diamond on the bottom of the ring. Here is his sketch:

Cliff scanned the drawing and then shot it over to Jere. Jere took it and turned it into a series of 3D CAD images - here are two examples:



Chris gave the go ahead and a wax model of the ring was cut. The ring was then cast in white gold, the 3 birthstones and diamond were set and Chris and his fiance now have a one of a kind ring of their own design. Here is the finished product:

CAD?CAM jewelry design and manufacture at Chimera Design

Cad/CAM jewelry design and manufacture at Chimera Design


If you have an idea percolating for YOUR one of a kind piece of jewelry - bring it in and we can make it a reality. 

One final note: Chris had taken his drawing into a big box store - not only was our price lower, we completed the ring for him in a little over 4 weeks. They told him it would be three months to get it done. Less $$ and faster service at Chimera Design! Chris applied to Brilliance Credit and was able to finance the ring for 24 months - and he can pay it off early and save on interest.