Public Service Announcement - Don't Wear Rings To The Gym January 9, 2018 15:53

We had two rings come into our shop within a week. Both of them had been damaged at the gym. It prompted us to post a recommendation on our Facebook page.

The response helped us realize we need to get the word out to MORE people. First, here is a collage of one of the rings that came in.

Wearing rings to the gym will damage your ring.

This lady thought she was safe wearing her custom made ring to the gym because she wears gloves. Nice thought, but simply NOT true.

This ring is 18kt gold, but ANY gold, silver, or platinum ring that repeatedly comes in contact with the stainless steel equipment in a gym is going to lose the battle. Her ring is misshapen and there is a crack in the shank because of the constant pressure from stainless steel. It will NOT flex; gold, silver and platinum will give way when pressed up against steel. Every time.