Custom Made Heart Beat Ring or Rings Using Your Actual Heartbeat - Stackable June 26, 2021 13:08

If you have a print out of your heartbeat from an EKG - we can turn that into a ring or even a set of rings. There are plenty of generic heartbeat rings out there, but we will make one that is YOUR heart beat.

Chimera Design Can Make Rings Using Your Heartbeat from an EKG


We will look over your EKG for the clearest section of pattern and then we will translate that into a CAD image which will then become a wax model.

Wax Model of A Heartbeat From An EKG

The example wax shown above is for a ring that will be set with gems - we can also do the ring(s) is gold with no gems.

Hearts From an EKG Cast in Gold


Above you can see a sample of five heartbeat rings stacked together after being cast in 14kt yellow gold. (We can also do white or rose gold.) 

Heartbeat Rings Set With White, Blue, and Peridot Diamonds

Here you can see those same five rings set with diamonds and spinels. (The green gems are actually peridot colored diamonds.) These represent the birthstones of five grand children - she will be leaving a ring to each of them.

The cost to do a ring of YOUR actual heartbeat in 14kt gold is $990.00 for the first one and $700.00 for each additional. If you want to have diamonds or gemstones in the ring, then they are $1,400.00 for the first and $1,150.00 for each additional ring.

We would love the opportunity to turn your heartbeat into an heirloom ring or set of rings.

Heartbeat Rings From YOUR EKG