Chimera Design Has The Solution For Curved Engagement Rings July 15, 2017 10:22

We are very excited about a new product - Loving Embrace from the Ptak Brothers in New York. (Yup, another great product made in the US.)

Many couples have been coming in with engagement rings that have a CURVE to them. They are in search of a wedding band that will match the curve. We have always been able to custom make a band, but that can be time consuming and expensive. Loving Embrace to the rescue!

We now have a system that will allow us to match the curve of 95% of ALL engagement rings in our store. There are 13 curves to choose from and then a massive selection of 25 different rings that can be made in any of the 13 curves. (13 curves shown below.)


The Loving Embrace system at Chimera fits 95% of all curved engagement rings

The rings range from plain gold bands to bands loaded with sparkly diamonds. They can be made in white, yellow, and rose gold - or platinum. You can decide on 10k, 14k, or 18k gold. Prices start under $300.00 - much less than the cost of making a custom, one off band.

Here is a curve band we just did for a customer. As you can see, her engagement ring presents a nice curved surface area - but curve #9 was a perfect fit!

Loving Embrace curved wedding bands fit 95% of all curved engagement rings.

Curved wedding bands that fit 95% of curved engagement rings