Chimera Design Crafts Custom Jewelry Using Elk Ivory April 12, 2019 13:05

Yes we can. Over the years we have made numerous rings, earrings, and pendants featuring Elk ivory as the Main Event.

The first time someone brought in a pair, Cliff did not have a clue what he was looking at. That did not stop Julie from making a nice pair of earrings from them. 

Between Julie and our buddy Jere - we have made several pieces of custom jewelry with elk ivory over the years.

Here is the latest example. Bob hunted this elk many years ago and saved the ivory to mark a special occasion for he and Joan. Jere carved the wax for the ring and pendant and the couple saved a good deal of money by recycling some old gold jewelry they had which was melted and cast into the new pieces.

Custom Elk Ivory Ring Using Recycled Gold


Custom Pendant With Elk Ivory, Diamond & Recycled Gold