The Importance of Cleaning and Maintaining Your Jewelry July 31, 2015 17:49

Information about the care, cleaning, and manufacture of fine jewelry.

The importance of jewelry maintenance.

Jewelry Maintenance - this is a serious subject. For most people, a diamond ring represents the biggest jewelry investment they have. Most diamond rings - engagement, wedding, or anniversary rings - are worn 24/7/365. Just like anything else - your jewelry needs to be maintained - especially a ring on your finger.

When your ring is new - the diamond(s) is secured by prongs and tips.


The tips on the prongs come up over the edge of the diamond and help to hold it secure in the mounting. Over the years you put your hand (ring) in and out of your pockets, in and out of gloves, and generally wear the heck out of it. That is a good thing - but you should have your rings inspected at LEAST once a year. A competent jeweler can look at the condition of your ring and know if your diamond is secure in the mounting.


Look at the picture of the new ring - then compare the tips on it with the other examples. (These are actual rings that have come in our shop.) Tips and prongs can be replaced - for much less than the cost of a diamond! Most ladies will get 8-12 years wear - but we know ladies who wear tips down in 3 years and sometimes even quicker.




We do not charge for inspection, nor do most jewelry stores. Let a pro take a look for you at least once or twice a year. It can save you big money to say nothing of the sentimental value.


This is a new ring. Notice the tips come up

over the edge of the diamond, holding it in place.


You can see how the tips have worn away,

this diamond is ready to fall out.


Another example. This diamond has a 6

prong head, but 3 of the 6 are GONE and

the other 3 are very thin. DANGER!!!



One last example - see how the end of this diamond is exposed and two of the other four prongs are essentially gone.