Otter Was A Beagle-ish Dog by Cliff Yankovich

$ 12.00

Cliff Yankovich - Award Winning Author

Award Winning writer Cliff Yankovich has been writing since the 80's. His work has appeared in many local, regional, and even a few national publications. He has had a blog up for years - Cliff's Riffs.  

He has collected a few of his pieces into this 66 page book - published by Pierre and his crew at Chapbook Press, part of Schuler Books & Music.

The pieces offer a glimpse of his action packed life. Chapters include an ode to Otter - the best of all beagle-ish dogs, "My Bullet Proof Honda," "Six Angels In The Panhandle", "Camping In A Crapper", "Things I Learned From My Thumbs", "Cancer Camp" and others.

For every 10 copies sold, Cliff will donate a copy to a cancer center, support group, cancer doc's office, Gilda's Club, etc. 

Note - Cliff will happily sign and personalize any book ordered here. 

We have the book in stock.



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