Old Meets New - 14kt Yellow Gold Vintage Inspired Ring With Moissanite Center

$ 790.00

The best of the old meets something new. We love the vintage inspired design elements of this 14kt yellow gold ring - but we brought the modern element of Moissanite into the picture by setting it with a colorless 5 mm Pure Light Moissanite.

Cliff was not a fan of Moissanite back when it was very expensive and the color was more in the J-K-L area. Now that the patent on this lab made gem has fallen off, the price has dropped AND Moissanite is now available in the D-E-F colorless range.

Moissanite has all the sparkle AND the durability you expect from diamonds at a fraction of the price. It is a 10 on the Mohs scale (along with diamonds) and has all the scintillation we love in diamonds. 

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