Everything Has a Beginning - by Cathy LaPointe Blundy / Kathleen Money

$ 25.00

We are very excited to share this book with you from two of our talented friends. "Everything Has a Beginning" features the poetry of Cathy LaPointe Blundy with the artwork Kathleen Money.

This book represents the blending of the first effort of a wonderful wordsmith with the artwork of someone who had received national and international recognition. You can learn more about Kathleen Mooney and treat yourself to more of her art at KathleenMooney.com 

Cathy attended MSU, is a mom, and life long lover of words which eventually manifested in her joining Mid-Michigan Word Gatherers in 2015. She found her voice in poetry and this book is proof. You can experience more of Cathy at her blog: Cathy LaPointe 

When Cliff opened his copy at random, these words jumped out at him from the poem that bears the title of the book:

"Hands shaking, knees knocking,

stomach chewing on my spine

but still I stood,

determined to succeed."

Everything Has A Beginning

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