We Now Offer Fingerprint Jewelry & Photoengraved Jewelry June 20, 2019 11:33

We can do a lot of things in our little shop, but we need help from top shelf vendors to offer all the great jewelry items that are now available.

We just established a relationship with Photograve. Because of that we can now offer two great products - jewelry with your favorite picture or pictures photo engraved on it AND jewelry with fingerprints from you or a loved one.

Photo engraved jewelry from $89 at Chimera Design.

We are pleased to partner with Photograve for a couple of reasons. First, they make their products in this country. We prefer to do business with vendors in the US when ever we can - Photograve is in Staten Island, NY. Another reason is the selection of jewelry materials - from stainless steel to sterling silver to 14kt white, yellow, or rose gold. This allows you to preserve your memories onto jewelry that works for your pocketbook.

Fingerprint jewelry in stainless steel, sterling silver or white/yellow/rose gold at Chimera Design.