We can modify this ring for YOUR diamond. January 13, 2016 11:35

We had a tremendous response to this ring when we posted it on our Facebook page. It was in our Estate case. We had actually made the ring originally several years ago.

We had four people who wanted to buy it. 

Vintage style ring

With the fourth lady who came in, we explored the possibility of making the ring
for her and setting her 9x5mm marquise diamond in it.
No problem - we can do that.
Here is a CAD image of the actual ring with the marquise cut diamond "installed" in the ring. As you can imagine, we could modify the ring to accept almost any shape or size diamond - in other words - we can set YOUR diamond in this ring if you want. The ring is 8mm wide and has 14 accent diamonds that are .80 mm each. 

Same vintage ring with a CAD installed 5x9mm Marquise diamond.


We can also make the ring in your choice of metal -

yellow gold, rose gold, white gold

put us to work!

(Personally, I think this would look tremendous in rose gold.)

Here is an idea of what it might look like in rose. My CAD program changed all the

surrounding space to rose color, but this is an idea:

Cool vintage ring - what it might look like in rose gold.

New Solitaire Mounting for .50 ct, .75 ct. and 1.00 ct Round Diamonds October 21, 2015 14:33

We just received a catalog with some new jewelry from one of our favorite vendors - Stuller in Louisiana. (They are the same ones we work with in providing our Online Jewelry Design App. Try it - it is a blast.)

This one caught our eye. Simple and elegant - the prongs holding the round brilliant cut diamond flow out of the shank of the ring. This setting is available for .50 ct, .75 ct, and 1.00 ct round diamonds in your choice of 14kt white or yellow gold, as well as platinum. 

As you can see from the pictures, there is a nice matching band available as well.

New solitaire mounting at Chimera Design.
Solitaire for .50 ct, .75 ct or 1.00 ct at Chimera Design

The Return Of Strellman's Dramatic Jewelry to Chimera Design September 4, 2015 17:54

We just got off the phone with the NEW owners of Strellman's Jewelry. We are very happy to report that we will be handling this beautiful jewelry once again.

What made Strellman's so unique was when Mr. Strellman came up with the unique cut you see in the ring above. He was inspired by the lenses used to reflect light out to sea in lighthouses near his studio on the West Coast. He called it the Lighthouse Lens cut and sold it in his store. Soon others began wanting his unique jewelry and it is now sold all over the world.

There are many other cuts these days, but all of them offer something unique to the wearer.


Anyway - Julie and I are very excited to start a relationship with the new owners. All Strellman's jewelry is (still) made in the United States - the couple that owns the company has a jewelry store in Minnesota where they have sold Strellman's for decades.