The Return Of Strellman's Dramatic Jewelry to Chimera Design September 4, 2015 17:54

We just got off the phone with the NEW owners of Strellman's Jewelry. We are very happy to report that we will be handling this beautiful jewelry once again.

What made Strellman's so unique was when Mr. Strellman came up with the unique cut you see in the ring above. He was inspired by the lenses used to reflect light out to sea in lighthouses near his studio on the West Coast. He called it the Lighthouse Lens cut and sold it in his store. Soon others began wanting his unique jewelry and it is now sold all over the world.

There are many other cuts these days, but all of them offer something unique to the wearer.


Anyway - Julie and I are very excited to start a relationship with the new owners. All Strellman's jewelry is (still) made in the United States - the couple that owns the company has a jewelry store in Minnesota where they have sold Strellman's for decades.