Should I Wear My Jewelry In A Pool or Hot Tub? July 31, 2015 18:18 3 Comments

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Swimming pools, hot tubs and your jewelry.

The short answer to the question above is: NO to the pool and NO-NO-DEFINITELY NOT to the hot tub.

A few words of caution about SWIMMING POOLS and HOT TUBS. We do not recommend that any fine jewelry be worn in public swimming pools or hot tubs. Chlorine is a corrosive chemical - it won't do any harm to diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and some other gemstones, but it is not good for your white or yellow gold to say nothing of sterling silver.

Chlorine can also discolor and/or prematurely wear out your watch - even watches rated to be underwater. (See our blog post on that subject: Watch Ratings)



Hot tubs are waaay worse than pools because in addition to harsh chemicals, you have the addition of high temperatures AND the pressure of the water coming out of the jets. We do not recommend that any jewelry or watches be worn in hot tubs. Even watches that are rated to go under water to some degree can be infiltrated by the water coming out of the jets.

Hot tubs are great for humans - they are a TERRIBLE environment for your jewelry and watches. Take the little bit of extra time to remove your jewelry and watches BEFORE you get in.

Kevin asked if it is safe to wear his titanium ring in a hot tub on a daily basis. My answer to that would be.....maybe. If the titanium has any kind of enameling or stone of any kind in it, then NO. If it is a plain band, there will probably NOT be a problem - but if it has any type of a finish on it, you might find that a daily dunking in the chemicals would change the appearance of even a titanium ring. Best bet - take it off - take it ALL off!!

I would make the same recommendation for those folks with tungsten or tungsten carbide rings. We sell them and I wear them and I would take mine off before spending time in a hot tub. Heat and chemicals wreck havoc!