New At Chimera Design - Copper Bracelets from Sergio Lub in California. April 2, 2016 15:13

Sergio Lub has been handcrafting these beautiful bracelets in California since 1969. We just put a nice selection in our showroom. These days his efforts are helped along by his daughter Sonia. We love the creativity expressed in their work and we really appreciate the fact that they are made in the US. Sergio Lub & Sonia Lub design and make beautiful bracelets

Their bracelets are made from solid metals with no casting or plating. Metals used:

  • Pure Copper - 100% jewelers grade copper.
  • Jeweler's Brass - 85% copper/15% zinc
  • German Silver - 65% copper w/zinc, nickel, and silver.
  • Sterling Silver

Bracelets from Sergio Lub are available at Chimera Design

We have 20 of their most popular styles in stock - at great prices. They range from $25 to $69. The Lubs recognize the positive properties of copper and magnets - many of their bracelets include magnets. 

Chimera Design has copper bracelets made in the US by Sergio Lub